What is Host100?

Host100 is a unique fundraiser, inspired by the 100th Anniversary of the Saint John Regional Hospital Auxiliary’s Brighten Group.

We would love you to consider Hosting a celebration for us on October 5, 2019 and help us meet our goal of $100,000!

Host100 isn’t your typical fundraiser. You can make it what you want, invite who you want and host it where you want – no gown or tuxedo required!

How about a pot luck, pizza party, bbq or wine & cheese?  Invite your closest friends, your neighbors, your book club or your running crew … it’s totally up to you!  Our goal is to bring family and friends together to Host100 celebrations on October 5th, 2019 and raise $100,000. Will you be one of the first 100?

Proceeds will fund a new Ambulatory Treatment Clinic at the Saint John Regional Hospital which will enable patients to receive their treatments in a relaxing, homelike setting and avoid being admitted to hospital.  Day treatments mean patients can get in and out that same day and get back to their own family and friends.  And at the end of the day, isn’t it all about being together?


Why Host?

  • You are making a much bigger contribution that you think. Over 2,000 patients each year will be positively impacted by the new Ambulatory Treatment Clinic.
  • Consider yourself in good company. Our goal is for a minimum of 99 others just like you, across the province, to host a celebration that same night.
  • You will be spending an evening with family and friends – what’s better than that?
  • What’s a party without prizes?  By hosting, you will have a chance to win really great prizes but that’s not all. As a Host, you will receive a Host100 Swag Bag filled with amazing swag valued at over $200!
  • We’re not done yet! Take your Swag Bag to one of our local retailers and receive discounts on your purchase and, you may even get a surprise delivered to your door during your celebration!
  • Not only will you be showered in gifts, but your guests will have a chance to win great prizes too and, they’ll receive a charitable donation tax receipt for 100% of their donation.


5 Easy Steps to Hosting:

Step 1 Time to get creative, or don’t! Determine the type of Host 100 celebration you’d like to have. For example: pot luck, dinner party, BBQ, pizza night, etc.

Choose the time and location for your celebration on October 5th; have it anywhere you choose: your home, the local sports bar, church hall, the local legion, etc.

Step 2 Put your guest list together.

Step 3 Register as a Host beginning June 6. You can click here to set a reminder when registration opens! Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to invite your guests. Once your guests begin registering, you will receive your Host100 Swag Bag with tons of goodies, as well as a Welcome Package to help you host a great Celebration.

Step 4 Invite your guests by sending them the registration link. They will immediately receive a receipt for 100% of their donation upon registration.

Step 5 Watch for email updates on the event as well as confirmations from your guests as they register. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for special contests, celebrity Hosting’s and updates on Host100 celebrations. On October 5th, 2019, don’t forget to tag the Brighten Group on Facebook and use #Host100 as you post pictures of your celebration on Facebook and Instagram.

Click here to register to Host!