Through the Years


1910sThe Women's Hospital Aid Association of the General Public Hospital was conceived in 1919, with 74 ladies showing interest in joining the new group. Seven went on to become life members.



1920sThe first project of the new Aid, a Nurses' Home, was completed. The Aid also donated nearly $13,000 toward furnishing it.


1930sA new wing for the Maternity Ward was opened at the hospital. Together with the Nurses' Home, the two projects had a combined cost of $225,000.



1940sThe Aid established a 200-book library and a blood-transfusion service, later turning its efforts toward a home for the chronically ill.


1950sThe Aid got a new name, the Women's Hospital Association, and membership grew to 2,100. A bone-bank freezer and taxi service for needy mothers were among the major projects.



1960sAt the 41st annual meeting, the Association's name was officially changed to the Women's Hospital Auxiliary of the Saint John General Hospital and the Saint John Tuberculosis Hospital. The Gift Case was changed to "The Old General Store" and was complimented by a gift cart that traveled the corridors of the hospital.


1970sDuring these years much money was raised from the Fall Teas, which were a major social event in Saint John. The 70's saw another revision to the constitution, reorganization and establishment of officers for the Auxiliary.                     



1980sThe Buckle-Up-Baby program, Lifeline and a members' newsletter were all started in this decade, which also saw the Auxiliary pledge $250,000 for Cardiac Care Services. The big change came with the move to the new Regional Hospital located in Tucker Park and the opening of the new Gift Shop in the main lobby of the hospital. The Fall Bazaar was a major fundraiser during the 80's.


On April 1, 1992 the Auxiliary became incorporated as The Saint John Regional Hospital Auxiliary Inc. The Auxiliary celebrated "Seventy-five Years of Caring and Sharing" and pledged its biggest gift ever - $500,000 - to the Hospital Foundation in support of the "Caring for Health Care Campaign". As well, in celebration of it's 75th anniversary the Auxiliary announced a $250,000 commitment to build a new Multi-Denominational Pastoral Care Centre for the hospital.

During the 90's the Auxiliary started up its hair salon and as it ended one fundraiser (the Fall Bazaar) another one had its beginning - "The People of Influence Luncheon".



The $250,000 Multi-Denomination Pastoral Care Centre was opened in May of 2000. As part of the Auxiliary's $2M in contributions to the hospital in this current decade the Auxiliary joined with the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation to sponsor the Pet CT with a gift of $250,000.

Our " service and people first" philosophy continues to define the Auxiliary's purpose - "Caring to Make a Difference".


In the fall of 2010 the Auxiliary expanded by opening a Fashion Accessory Counter called Trinkets & Treasures. The Hair Salon received a face-lift from Interiors by Renee in early 2011. In 2014, the Gift Shop was renovated, 2 new fundraising events were established, a new brand, the Brighten Group was introduced and the 100 Year Anniversary Committee was struck. In 2015, the Big 50/50 Lottery was launched as part of an alliance of charitable and non-profit organizations in the greater Saint John area.